Today’s Feature-Rich Telephones Are More Flexible, Powerful, and Easier-To-Use than Ever.
Are you moving, adding offices, adding employees, connecting remote offices, connecting work-from-home employees, or fed up with your old phone system? A new phone system can increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen your competitive position.

Comparing USA Telephone System Installers

Choosing the correct Telephone System for your business can improve productivity and deliver a professional, credible service for your customers.

Finding the right supplier and installer, with excellent product knowledge and advice, supported by a team of highly qualified engineers to maintain and service your new system, will allow your company to run its communication channels smoothly and efficiently.

While most reputable companies offer free installation, some smaller and cheaper brands may not. You may think that installing your telephone system on your own is simple enough, but that is far from the truth. This work is best left to the professionals, who know how to connect wires and hardware together and program settings to make sure all your features are running smoothly.

Comparing USA Telephone System Installers

Choosing the correct Telephone System for your business can improve productivity and deliver a professional, credible service for your customers.

Characteristics of a Good Telephone Systems Installer
A good telephone systems installer needs to have the ability to work independently while still meeting a schedule, and great interpersonal skills.

A good level of communication is vital as they will be working with a diverse group of people, customers, others telecoms professionals and workers installing related systems.

Patience is also an asset when dealing with a client unfamiliar with phone systems, who may require assistance or instruction.

With a highly-intuitive Pinnacle Security & Technology, Inc. systems, you’ll:

Never miss a client’s call again with forward to your cell phone feature available from your desk phone or from your voice mail greeting.

Have a superior cordless phone that allows you to roam freely in your building or warehouse.

Use your computer as a telephone for anytime/anywhere access to your phone systems’ features. Road warriors, sales people, and support staff use all the advanced desktop productivity tools just like they were in the office.

Listen to your voice mail via your email or cell phone while you are out of the office.

With the use of the Communication Assistant, when a voicemail caller speaks quickly, softly, or is otherwise hard to understand, use on-screen voicemail controls to pause, rewind, adjust playback speed, and control volume to easily hear their message.

Make and transfer calls to any extension on your phone system including phones at different locations.

Search, add, and manage contacts more quickly and powerfully than ever.

Streamline your operations with a single Panasonic phone system that can handle multiple companies. By using unique ring tones to identify which company is being called, a centralized receptionist can easily answer and route calls.

Simplify teleconferencing – Quickly check conference line availability; save and assign names to up to 10 conference groups for fast meeting set-ups. Access names, titles, and memos from previous calls – all at your fingertips.


Pinnacle Security & Technology, Inc. performs installations of low voltage systems such as telephone systems, CCTV and more. We perform rollouts, complete cabling and installation in new buildings, remodels and existing structures. We specialize in multi-location stores and ensure that all locations are setup the same. Our installations are neat, organized and setup to industry standards to make sure that troubleshooting is not an issue later.

We install:

Telephone Systems - Voice Mail - Computers - Point of Sale (POS) - Check Readers - Paging Systems - Music and Audio Systems - CCTV and Surveillance - Voice and Data Cabling - Fiber Optics - Any Low Voltage Systems