Project Description

Transform any PowerSeries Control Panel into a Wireless Alarm System with the TR5164 Wireless Transceiver
The TR5164-433 wireless receiver transforms any PowerSeries control panel into a wireless alarm system capable of supporting up to 4 wirefree keypads, 60 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys (wireless keys do not use up zone slots). The TR5164-433 is compatible with all PowerSeries PC 1616, 1832, 1864 control panels v4.6+.

Wireless Convenience
Reduce installation time and provide coverage for areas where running wire is not an option. 2-Way Wireless reduces the time spent enrolling compatible wireless devices. Installers confirm Electronic Serial Numbers (ESN), zone numbers and zone type through a series of user friendly screens.

Placement Testing
The proposed placement of each wireless device should be tested before it is mounted. Testing the signal strength between the TR5164- 433 and wireless devices can be accomplished in a group (global placement testing) or individually. To ensure placement is well within wireless range, while in test mode, the sensitivity of the receiver is reduced. This will assist installers to confirm that the installation has been properly set up and can tolerate changes in the environment.

Status LEDs
The TR5164-433 features three status LEDs to help with the installation of wireless devices and troubleshoot the operation of the receiver. The LEDs flash to indicate whether the signal received is from an enrolled device or if interference is detected. When in individual placement test mode, the receiver will flash green only if the serial number of the device being tested is received. All other signals, including signals from valid enrolled devices, will flash red.


  • Supports both 2-way and 1-way wireless devices
  • Supports 4 wire-free keypads WT5500
  • Supports 60 wireless zones
  • Supports 16 Wireless Keys (any combination of 1-way or 2-way wireless keys)
  • 8-partition support for 1-way wireless keys
  • Case/Wall tamper
  • Compact design
  • Easy wireless enrollment process with WT5500
  • 3 status LEDs
  • Compatible with PowerSeriesv4.6+