Central Vacuum Systems

If you're looking to make housework a synch, then consider upgrading your home to include a central vacuum system, which will let you clean your home more efficiently and effectively. Having a central vacuum system means never having to deal with emptying bags of dust and debris – everything you vacuum up is centrally deposited so that you can easily dispose of it. Having a central vacuum system also means never having to deal with the hassle of lugging your old vacuum around – a centralized system runs discreetly through interconnected tubes in the house – you simply need to plug the vacuum attachment into the outlet-sized opening in the room you’re looking to clean. Not sure if a centralized vacuum system is right for you? Call one of Long Island’s centralized vacuum installation experts today, and get on your way to a hassle-free clean home.

Give you a proper detailed estimate that shows materials and labor to install your central vacuum system.
Properly plan your system that is installed based on your cleaning requirements, not a plan that is easier to install.
Proper installation that results in ultimate system performance.
Measure and validate the sealed and working vacuum for each valve and power unit with a vacuum gauge.
Demonstrate proper usage and supply you with the proper cleaning tools and accessories