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Pinnacle Security & Technology, Inc. is a global brand of IP access control and door systems, with more than 25 years’ industry experience. Pinnacle Security & Technology, Inc. is well positioned to provide both the installer and the end-user with innovative access control solutions to make their lives easier.

Pinnacle Security & Technology, Inc offer a vast product range including IP, wireless and battery powered access control solutions to provide reliable security for any site requirement. The company pay exceptional attention to the development of high quality products and customer care, ensuring they consistently bring advanced solutions to market. Pinnacle Security & Technology, Inc. build systems that are easy to configure, install and implement and every product is backed by a no quibble five year warranty and total customer support.

access-1Keyless Entry: No need to change locks, make or replace keys.

access-2Time-Controlled Access: All devices can be programmed by time-of-day and day-of-week on a “per entry-way” and “per employee” basis.

access-3Audit-Trail Reporting: Know who goes where and at what time – all the time!

access-4Time and Attendance Reporting: Paperless time cards with break and lunch verification.

access-5Alarm Notification: Produce Email alerts and phone/camera system responses to entry breaches.

access-6Anti-Pass Back : If someone does not enter legally, the same person is Unable to exit.
No Tailgating!
Disable access entry at a moments notice.


Monitor and Control the most important asset you have: Your Business! Pinnacle Security & Technology, Inc. sells, installs, services, and supports a host of recognized, top-quality access control systems in order to provide the best possible solution to your office and building security needs.

By integrating an electronic building and office access system with your computer data network, your business can reap many additional rewards beyond basic security/protection functions involving your employees, your inventory, and would-be intruders. Audit-trail and automated attendance reporting, for example, can greatly improve and simplify other aspects of your daily, weekly, and annual tasks!