Elbee is based in Brussels, Belgium and their team of engineers are creating connected devices and wearables. Konrad Holubek, co-founder and CEO, said it all started while he was washing the dishes.

“Back in April 2014, I was in my kitchen when my smartphone started vibrating in the living room. Unfortunately, I could not interact with my phone because my hands were occupied and the phone was out of reach. I discussed this with my co-founder Vincent and together we noticed that these kinds of situations also occur with other connected devices, like for example our domotic system. After looking into existing solutions, we decided to offer an innovative way to interact remotely with the devices around us.”

The company is developing the Elbee, smart wireless stereo earphones for controlling devices with voice commands or head movements.

Introducing the Elbee, smart wireless earphones that can perform custom shortcuts to your favorite actions without the need to use your hands. They enable you to receive notifications directly in your ear and to control devices with simple voice commands or head movements. The voice triggers and head gestures can be personalized through a companion app and thereby perform specific actions like, for example, accessing your phone assistant, skipping songs on your music player or turning on the lights in your living room.

Elbee will launch a crowdfunding campaign later this year to bring the product to market. You can sign-up for email updates on the link below to find out when it will be available.

A Nod to the Smart Home: Elbee Controls Devices With Head Gestures or Voice